Electric Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters are similar to a freight elevator, but are a lot smaller than what most people think of when considering an elevator. These devices are, unlike regular elevators, not designed for people, but instead are designed for moving inanimate objects in between the floors of a building. Using a dumbwaiter makes it a simple t task to move your household supplies in between floors.

The dumbwaiter has rich roots in American History and today many people decide to retro-fit their home with a dumbwaiter. In order to have room for a residential dumbwaiter, it is necessary to have a shaft that rises vertically between floors. The exact size of the shaft will depend on the type of dumbwaiter you use, but most require a shaft that is 4 foot square (2′ x 2′.) Most can be configured to be opened on different sides at every stop, so this makes finding a space for them much easier.

Today, most lifts are electronically powered and use a track system. The track runs the length of the shaft and the dumbwaiter car moves along the track. While dumbwaiters in homes are very popular, they are even more so in commercial businesses. Many manufacturers make use of them to connect the various parts of a plant. This allows them to make better use of their building and greatly improves their productivity. They are often used in hospitals, car manufacturing plants, and department stores. Many restaurants also use them to reduce the amount of staff required to run the businesses.

Usually a modern dumbwaiter does not require any excessive maintenance. One of the most important maintenance tasks is the lubrication of the track. This keeps the car moving safely and steadily. Often, as is also the case with automobiles, paying attention to the sounds the dumbwaiter make can be essential in determining its mechanical state. If the lift begins to make any unusual noises, this can be a sign that it needs lubrication.

It is also important to keep the car clean. If something is spilled, it should be quickly cleaned and it is important to make sure nothing falls down the shaft. Most lifts feature safety doors, which only can be opened when the car is present. This prevents things from being dropped down the shaft or falls. It is imperative to never disable this safety feature.

In addition to the safety doors, most modern lifts usually also include sensors built into the car. As the car moves along the track, the sensors will stop the car from moving if something in the track is present that could hurt the car.

Choosing to install a dumbwaiter in your home or business is often the first step in improving productivity. Their popularity has greatly increased over the years, since they were first developed over a thousand years ago.

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