Industries that use Dumbwaiters

A dumbwaiter is a device that is commonly used in homes throughout the world. It facilitates the easy transfer of items between different floors in a home.

These devices are similar in elevators in that they move vertically between floors in what is referred to as a shaft. They are not intended to be used for people though, but some commercial dumbwaiters can support more than a thousand pounds.

The dumbwaiter is actually a very old device, which dates back to 236 BC. They are still used extensively today in commercial and residential settings. The electric dumbwaiter is relatively new and has a much richer history in commercial usage.

Today, there are many industries that make extensive use of dumbwaiters. In mines they quickly bring loads of rock or coal from deep between the earth. They are in many ways more efficient than conveyor mining systems.

Businesses like hospitals and libraries also use them to move many types of items between floors. Some of the oldest dumbwaiters that are still used are in libraries.

Restaurants also often make use of dumbwaiters. They allow the food to be brought to guests quickly while it is still hot. Most restaurant dumbwaiters include shelves that can be used to hold trays of food. They are also often insulated.

One of the advantages of dumbwaiters is that it prevents having to carry items up the stairs and it is usually smaller and easier to install than an elevator. The space issue is one of the reasons that they are often used in boats as well.

The use of dumbwaiters in boats is hundreds of years old. On a boat, space can be at a premium, so often the stairs are cramped. Using a dumbwaiter allows the quick movement of goods throughout boats. By the beginning of the twentieth centuries, many larger boats had electric dumbwaiters.

Automobile manufacturers and other manufacturers often use dumbwaiters as well. Industrial businesses like these often have very large dumbwaiters that can support a good deal of weight. These were especially important during the industrial revolution, because often space considerations necessitated that the factories be built vertically into the air. As a result there were many factories and plants that were multi-storied.

Reductions in price is one thing that has catapulted the dumbwaiter back into the home. They were incredibly popular during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Now, there are several electric dumbwaiter kits available that are inexpensive and can be installed quickly.

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