What is a Commercial Dumbwaiter

Humans have been using dumbwaiters, in one shape or another, since the first multi-level dwelling was built. They have been used extensively during medieval times and during the 1800’s, they were found in almost all homes and buildings. A dumbwaiter is basically an elevator, which is used to help improve the way goods are transported through a building.

While these devices are incredibly popular in homes, they have been a staple in commercial establishments for hundreds of years.

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What is a Wheelchair Lift?

People who use wheelchairs are not able to easily access areas that have stairs. There are a few ways to overcome this difficulty. Often around the home, a ramp or vertical platform lift is used.

Vertical Platform lifts are basically elevators, which are installed alongside a set of steps. They can be used to lift a person and their wheelchair or scooter between floors. Usually they are seen on the front steps of a home and, depending on the unit, can lift over seven hundred pounds up to twelve feet in the air.

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Residential Dumbwaiters

People all over the World have used dumbwaiters to help make their lives easier for thousands of years. They have typically been manually powered, but beginning around a hundred and fifty years ago, the electric dumbwaiter started to become popular. Today, many people are discovering how much more efficient they can be if they have a dumbwaiter in their home. It is no longer necessary to worry about carrying the groceries up the stairs or struggling with bedding on laundry day. Those that have dumbwaiters installed in their home are often able to do much more work in much less time.

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Dumbwaiters Through the Ages

There are many reasons that a dumbwaiter is used in so many places of business and residences today. These devices allow work around the home or business to be done much easier and quicker. At its most basic, a dumbwaiter can be simply a wooden shelf and a rope, but more and more the electric dumbwaiter is dominating the market.

As opposed to elevators, dumbwaiters are not intended to carry people, but they do offer a very similar service. A car is used to transport goods between floors and depending on the type, some dumbwaiters are capable of supporting more than a hundred and fifty pounds.

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Creating a Safe Commercial Dumbwaiter

To facilitate the movements of goods throughout a building, there are several options. While it is possible to cart them up the stairs, this is seldom practical and in many cases unsafe. Rather than take the risk of a fall or overly exerting oneself, a dumbwaiter often presents a much better solution.

In some regards, a dumbwaiter is very much like an elevator. They both use a car or platform that is raised or lowered vertically between floors. They also both have a very deep history, but instead of carrying people, dumbwaiters are used to carry inanimate objects. As a result, they can often be smaller than an elevator and support less weight, but many times in commercial settings the dumbwaiter is a very large and robust device.

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