A Brief History of Dumbwaiters

Almost since the beginning of time, people have been striving to find ways to make work easier and more efficient. Inventions like the wheel, while tried and true, have been improved upon and used in ways that the inventor probably never even considered when it was outfitted on the first wheelbarrow. One invention that has been used for thousands of years and greatly improved upon over time is the dumbwaiter.

A dumbwaiter is very similar to an elevator, but unlike an elevator, dumbwaiters are not used for transporting humans, instead they are used to quickly and easily move goods between floors.

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Using Commercial Dumbwaiters

In todays world, there is a need for businesses to be able to easily transport goods between different divisions. Increasingly, multiple story buildings are being used to help make the best use out of a piece of property. These buildings will need to be outfitted with some sort of lifting system to facilitate the transportation of goods, so many people choose to install a commercial dumbwaiter.

Commercial dumbwaiters are devices that, similar to elevators, travel vertically between floors. However, unlike an elevator, a commercial dumbwaiter is not rated to carry people. Instead it is rated to carry goods and supplies.

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Industries that use Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters are used extensively in many industrial industries. These elevator like devices can be quickly installed, often for less money than an elevator. Building codes are also sometimes less restrictive, because a dumbwaiter is not used to move people.

These devices are used in many boats, restaurants, and hospitals. They are also used in many other types of commercial businesses.

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Early Commercial Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters are a special type of device that has been used for thousands of years. They are devices that are in practice very similar to elevators, but instead of carrying humans, they are designed to carry goods or supplies. These early dumbwaiters often relied on human power, but many also used water or animal power.

In America, the popularity of dumbwaiters greatly increased during the middle of the eighteen hundreds and by the beginning of the twentieth century, they were included in almost every apartment building.

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Electric Dumbwaiters

In most peoples day to day lives there are several things that need to be done on a regular basis around the home. Things like washing clothes, cleaning the house, and cooking probably are at the top of the list, but there are many other recurring tasks that must be done. Many of these tasks are tied together as well, such as, for example, you could not cook unless you brought the groceries to the kitchen. Almost since the beginning of time, people have been striving to find ways to make this task easier and one device has consistently been used to help. This device is the dumbwaiter.

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